Top 10 poorest countries in the world 2012

Top 10 Poorest Countries In The World 2012

We are listing here the world’s most poorest countries.Those  countries in which people living a brutal life they don’t have anything to make their life happy. Here we have Top 10 Poorest Countries In The World 2012. In which life is not more than a curse.

GDP per capita: 328 US dollars
Congo is the world most poorest country which is listed at the top. It has only a GDP per capita 328 dollars. Like another African countries Congo is also badly effected by war. High rate of corruption has worstly effected its economy. Infrastructure and business enviroment is poor. It is included in the worlds dangerous countries. Congo is the country which have tribes of Cannibal sand some tribes eat the humans for fullfill their hunger. No one in this world want to visit this place.

GDP per capita: 354 US dollars
Zimbabwe is at number 2 in this list.It has only GDP per catita 354 dollars. Economy is suffered from war, High inflation rate, Corruption, poverty and unemployment.This country having a lot of natural resources. But violent in this country has scared the foreign investors to come and invest.

GDP per capita: 392 US dollars
Liberia is world’s third most poorest country which is situated in Africa having thepopulation of 3,786,764 with only the GDP per capita 410 dollars. Its official language is English.It has faced economical crisis due to military coup since 1980 and worked too much hard to build up its economy. Liberia have not a reasonable education system with having not enough schools and teacher. The health sector is also poor which includes Liberia in the listof poorest countries.

GDP per capita: 410 US dollars
Brundi another african country is included in the world’s poorest countries. Its GDP is only 410 dollars. With the population of 10,216,190 the Brundi is suffering from many challenges due to civil war till start of its independence. Economy is helped by the sugar and coffee. Corruption is so prominant in this country. More than 80% of its population is living below the poverty line. It depends on foreign aid. No sufficient eduction system is there in Brundi.The one inevery fifteen person is suffering from AIDS.

GDP per capita: 600 US dollars
Somalia is the country of Africa which is considered a most dangreous country of the world. It has 9,925,640 population with total area of 637,657 official language is Somali and Arabic. Due to civil wars and ineffective Govt Somalia became a failed State. No any Central controlling Goverment has seen in Somalia due to which different leaders from different regions has controlled on somalia.Somalia is suffering from low economy rate,poverty and poor quality of life with GDP per capita 600 dollars listed somalia the world’s 5th poorest country.

GDP per capita: 669 US dollars
Eritrea is the country of Africa. It has the population of 5,824,000 with land area 117.600 It is a country of agriculture. More then 80% population is belongs to agriculture field.which help the economy and gives a small contribution in total output. Half of its population is living below the poverty line. Human right and Freedom of speech is poor. Illetracy rate and unemployment increases the social problems.Health and education progress is so poor.Its GDP per capita is669 dollars which ranked it the world’s 6th poorest country.

GDP per capita: 733 US dollars
Niger another country of Africa is listed in poorest countries.It has the population of 15730754 and land area 1267000 sq km.The official language is French.It has the good export in Urinum.There is no well developed infrastructure and poor health conditions with poor living standars it has become the worlds 7th poorest county. Its GDP per capita is 733 dollars.
8.Central African Republic

GDP per capita: 764 US dollars
Africa is full of poor countries in which Central African Republic is also included which is worlds 8th poorest country which has the GDP per capita 764 dollars.The population of Central African Republic is 4422000.The official language is French and Sango.It has a good export in diamonds food crops exports.But armed conflict and wide spread violence effected its economy.Unstable government is also a big factor to rated this the Poorest country.
9.Sierra Leone.

GDP per capita: 781 US dollars
Sierra is the country of Africa.It is 71.740 with the population of 6300000.Its capital city is Freetown.One positive fact about Sierra is that it has a lot of diamond producing mines which help its economy.Head of state of Sierra is President Ernest Bai Koroma.The official language is English.Sierra has the GDP per capita 781 dollars which enlisted it on 9th position in poorest countries.
10. Togo.

GDP per capita: 832 US dollars
Togo is the world’s 10th poorest country.It is situated in West Africa and former colony of  France.Its capital city is Lome and language is French.Togo has the population of 6619000.President Gilbert Houngbo is the Head of Government.Low economy progress and low living facilities for people poor education and Political non static reasons made cogo in the list of poorest countries in the world.GDP Per capita of Togo is 832 dollars.
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